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    1. HOT LINE: +86-510-80628100
      2019-05-15 MetalForm China 2019 (Shanghai Show) 2017-07-11 BICES 2017 No. 14 China construction machinery exhibition


      Jiangyin Eternal Heavy Industry Co.Ltd was established in 2008, the products mainly include hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic press, scrap metal baler,waste paper baler, scrap metal shearing machine etc, pressure ranges from 63 to 3600 tons.




      Iron and steel, ferrous& non-ferrous metal , metal forming, rubber & plastic, construction & building, Petroleum and mine, hydro-power & ship building etc

      Technical Article
      Welcome to follow ETERNAL‘s technical update


      • ADDRESS: No.68 Wanquan road,Shanquan Village ,Zhouzhuang Town ,Jiangyin City ,Jiangsu Province ,China.
      • TEL: +86-510-80628100
      • FAX: +86-510-86275121
      • MOBILE: +86-13961689585
      • E-MAIL: info@eternalindustry.cn
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